Education City & Purple Mash

Pupil’s can access Education City at but will need to use their own username and passwords as supplied. Each child can log into their own secure area to access homework activities set by the teacher and also access any of the Education City learning zones. Education City is also great to use if your child is at home due to ill health or injury but would still like to be busy. Our user subscription allows all pupils access to Education City until 4.30pm each day. Pupils in Yr5 &6 also have access to homework modules and there is no time limit on these accounts.

Purple Mash (hosted by 2Simple) is also accessible both at home and at school. Please visit to login using your secure username and password. All programmes on Purple Mash can be used at home and from time to time the teachers may set your child some homework using the Purple Mash website.

If you can’t remember your details then please contact us