Homework is set weekly by the class teachers and will now feature the opportunity to use Education City and Purple Mash (see the pupil’s section for more details) to access homework tasks online from time to time.

We occasionally use a project based learning approach to homework with pupils being set project tasks to complete at home. The children in both KS1 and KS2 are asked to complete projects throughout the year that link to their school work in Literacy, Science, History and Geography. We encourage help from parents when completing the projects but pupils are asked to be able to present them for themselves once they are handed into the class teacher. A variety of different styles are encouraged including posters, models, PowerPoint presentations, stories and art work. The children and their families find this very stimulating and the results of the project tasks over the past few months have been amazing. These projects are usually set at the beginning of a half term and pupils will have up to 6 weeks to complete them.

Please make sure you ask your child if they have any work to do – and if so when does it have to be back in. The class teachers will make sure all children understand the homework routine. Where no homework has been set it is essential your child reads their reading book at home. Please take some time to hear them read as often as you can and fill in their reading records as it informs us how often your child has read and any issues you may have come across at home. The pupils in Yr 5&6 now have homework diaries/planners – please make sure you ask to see them and sign them in each week. This is to help them be better prepared for secondary school as pupils rely on their planners for their daily and weekly activities and homework tasks.┬áMany thanks!