Our Curriculum

Since September 2014 we have been shaping our new curriculum to not only cope with the demands of the previous curriculum but to help enthuse and excite all of our learners. We have mixed aged classes in all 3 classes meaning our staff have a range of ages and abilities to plan for.

Our broad and balanced curriculum successfully blends the requirements for each Key Stage and helps bring learning to life. Teachers can plan and teach lessons, topics and projects that allow their children to explore their knowledge, skills and understanding in more imaginative and exciting ways. We will enhance their learning with a variety of different teaching methods, with skilled interactions and interventions to ensure all of our pupils reach their potential. We will enrich their lives with explorations into new and exciting topics such as food technology and nutrition in DT, more in depth studies of biology in both key stages, the study of evolution and adaptation in upper KS2 and ask our pupils to become more engaged with the mechanics of mathematics through formula and algebra. We will link these with exciting opportunities to improve transition and stretch the more able by working alongside secondary schools in science, maths, sports, technology and foreign languages. We will utilise our links with other local primary and secondary schools to make our curriculum the most exciting curriculum our children have experienced. We aim to ensure our pupils have a clear understanding of our Christian values and fundamental British values and will encourage healthy active lifestyles to help our children ‘Learn for Life’.

Please find below our new 2016-2018 curriculum outlines for our classes – if you would like any further information on the topics we plan to cover please contact the relevant teacher. We will be running a 2 year cycle for most subjects/topics unless otherwise stated:

Curriculum Framework KS2 2016-18 Y3&4

Curriculum Framework KS2 2016-18 Y5&6

Yearly Planners KS1 v2

Yearly Overview of Foundation Stage