Our Vision

As a small village Church Aided School we firmly believe that we should provide all our pupils with quality learning experiences and the ability to achieve their own potential in the safe surroundings of their school. As a Church School we offer excellent pastoral care for our pupils and insist on high standards of behaviour and work at all times. Our pupils are motivated to learn, proud to be part of our community and happy to come to school every day. With successful links throughout the local community through the church, the village hall and the local parishes we extend a warm welcome to all those that visit us and take pride in what we can achieve together. Recently we re-affirmed our Christian Values in consultation with our pupils, staff and governors and the chosen values to represent our school are:


Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Vision

At Great Ponton CE Primary School, we, the pupils, staff and stakeholders, should be aware of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural differences we meet every day. In order to understand this diverse world the school attempts to provide its pupils with different ways to access knowledge of the world around them and to help them appreciate the values and principles of their lives and others. We do this through our lessons, with visits and visitors and by responding to the world around us by being caring and understanding.
Staff and pupils are asked to follow the guidance and key characteristics identified to encourage them to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. With a predominantly Christian approach to RE and Collective Worship we ensure our pupils have access to information and learning based on the other key faiths they might encounter in this country including Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Pupils, staff, parents and governors will be given advice and guidance whenever it is deemed appropriate and lessons and collective worship will provide suitable messages for pupils regarding the Christian moral and spiritual aspects of life. Our charity and support work helps different people both here in the UK and abroad. Our children are taught to appreciate all that they have now and learn how they can help others less fortunate than themselves. The children are taught about our fundamental British values and understand and respect the different cultures that surround us. Links with other local primary schools through sports, residential trips and transition activities all help our children to become well rounded citizens who care about how others view them and how they can become better citizens. Please ask to see our SMSC policy if you would like to know more.

Our school prides itself on its motto ‘Learning for Life’ and this is echoed in our commitment to prepare our pupils fully. Parents are welcomed into our school to share in our learning and participate wherever or whenever they feel they can contribute. Our home-school agreement signed by parents, pupils and staff is designed to help everyone understand the aims of this school and its commitment to preparing its pupils for life. Pupils and their families feel safe and welcome at our school.