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Head Boy & Girl

We see this role as another link between our children and staff.

The children chosen for this role were selected by the staff and have shown a great attitude to school life. We expect the chosen children to continue to be role models to their peers and show the school in the best possible light.  

Hi my name is Nicole and I’m head girl. Being head girl gives you the opportunities to be the best you be in your last year at primary school. I try my best to encourage the younger ones to follow my lead. I model behaviours, showing kindness and respect to others. I am approachable and work hard to be part of the Great Ponton team.

During my time at this school I have learnt so many enjoyable things and taken part in some fantastic events like, girls cricket, PGL and Kingswood residentials as well as lots of trips to places like, The Courts of Justice. I work hard to make sure I push myself to achieve my potential.

I think every child should enjoy their time at school. I will help them in any way I can. I am here for all pupils.

I’m Zaccai, the Head boy, and I was very happy to be chosen to represent my school in this way. My favourite thing is sports; especially rugby and football. I also enjoy maths and geography. I care for other people and enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. I take my responsibility as Head Boy seriously and try to be a good role model by showing respect, working hard and being a friend to everyone.