Sports Premium

All primary schools are now in receipt of £8000 per year (+£5 per pupil) for Sports Premium. Our commitment to sport and activity is to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to be involved in a range of sports and different activities that promote health and wellbeing. Our involvement with Inspire+ allows us to spend our Sports Premium money on effectively encouraging sport and leadership through a range of different incentives for staff and pupils. This includes coaching, staff and pupil training, parental training and involvement, gifted and talented and low self esteem workshops and a range of opportunities for pupil development in sports leadership. For the 2015-16 academic year this means involvement in co-ordinating and promoting the Legacy Challenge (as endorsed by the Youth Sports Trust) as well as encouraging active involvement in sport, competitions and healthy living. Completion of these activities link well to our Healthy Schools Award, Ofsted requirements for the Sports Premium and social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness. New resources, kit, training and coaching time are being purchased during the course of the year to ensure we can offer a good level of sporting opportunity and excellence. Coaches work alongside our teaching staff so that they can learn more about the sports and continue to teach them once the coach’s time is complete (usually 6 weeks). Please click on the link below for more details on how we use our Sports Premium funding:

Our school will continue work alongside the Youth Sport Trust and Inspire+ to promote health and wellbeing in this and other local primary schools as the head teacher continues as a YST Development Coach for the East of England. A full detailed document on our Sports Premium Funding Spend can be viewed on request and the Inspire+ core offer and impact can be reviewed using the link attached to this tab.

PE Sport Premium AFPE evidence document 2016 – Great Ponton

2015-16 Inspire+ Impact Report – Great Ponton