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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Bronze Ambassadors

Bronze Young Ambassadors are two Year 6 children who have demonstrated a great passion for sport or physical activity. Bronze Young Ambassadors are traditionally the best Sports Leaders, Playground Leaders or School Sport Organising Crew.

All Bronze Young Ambassadors attend training organised by Inspire+ and are given the task to promote and encourage their fellow pupils to complete the Legacy Challenge, which is aimed at getting pupils more physically active and going on adventures.

Bronze Young Ambassadors in Action

Roles of A Bronze Young Ambassador
Working in their school:

  • Increase participation;
  • Promote PE and school sport;
  • Promote the positive values in sport; and
  • Be a role model.

Young Persons Profile

  • The ability to inspire and influence young people.
  • A role model.
  • The ability to lead other young people.
  • Ideally Year 6.


Hi, my name is Mollie, I am one of the schools Bronze Ambassadors, and I have a great interest in sport. I do many sports such as gymnastics, tennis and netball. I help the infants at lunchtime to take part in sports activities.

My name is Finlay and I am a Bronze Ambassador. I think I was picked to be one because I am very sporty and do many sports such as fencing, taekwondo, rock climbing, gymnastics and many more. I do fencing twice a week in Nottingham and I am ranked 13 in the country. I also love inspiring people to do sport.

I love doing PE and all the fun activities in it.