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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Christian Distinctiveness

At Great Ponton CE School we believe in adding a spiritual dimension to our children’s lives. We aim to serve our community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

We offer a distinctive Christian character through the following:

The quality of our Religious Education:

  • We place RE in high regard in our curriculum
  • We teach our children to have an understanding of and sensitivity towards those of other faiths and those of no faith
  • Through RE and the study of and from religion, we teach our children to tolerate differences and respect belief and custom; thereby promoting fundamental British values.

Valued Collective Worship (CW):

  • We seek to bring awe and wonder to our children through drawing spiritual parallels into their daily lives
  • We follow the liturgical Church year and celebrate Christian festivals in our beautiful village church

A deep and cherished ethos:

  • We provide a place of safety and reflection for our children who are given space and time to evaluate their developing lives
  • We include our community as part of our provision including CW, experts in real projects, parent helpers and have firm links with the diocese who help us train and guide our governors and school leaders
  • We have visible Christian signs and symbols around our school to remind us that we do God’s work