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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Head Boy & Girl

This year we are introducing the role of Head Boy and Girl. We see this role as a link between our children and staff.

The children chosen for this role were selected by the staff and have shown a great attitude to school life. We expect the chosen children to continue to be role models to their peers and show the school in the best possible light.


I am Mollie the Head Girl of Great Ponton Primary School.

I have many responsibilities such as doing assemblies to introduce new things and sort things out. I am also a role model for the rest of the children and I encourage them all to follow the Golden Rules and behaviour in the right way.


My name is Freddie and I am Head Boy. I think I was chosen to be Head Boy because I am well behaved and funny.

As part of our job Mollie and myself have to show people around the school, do assemblies and collect money and slips from other classes for events we run.

I set good examples for the younger children to follow.