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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Head Boy & Girl

This year we are introducing the role of Head Boy and Girl. We see this role as a link between our children and staff.

The children chosen for this role were selected by the staff and have shown a great attitude to school life. We expect the chosen children to continue to be role models to their peers and show the school in the best possible light.   



I am Emily the Head Girl of Great Ponton Primary School.

I have been at Great Ponton for 6 years and everyone says amazing things about this school. The school has lots of great people and the teachers hare are kind and loving. Mrs Oliver is the year 5/6 teacher and we do lots of guided reading looking at books like King of the Cloud and Kensuke's Kingdom.

We go out on great trips, like when we went to Harry Potter, that was great fun. I have enjoyed being at Great Ponton School.


Hello, my name is Ethan and I am head boy of Great Ponton School. This school is amazing and I can tell you loads of great things about here, I think everyone can! Since the headteacher has come here he has changed things and made them amazing, for example the trim trail has been added for lots and lots of fun. He has also made a new library with bean bags and loads of books so you can sit back and work on your reading! This school is amazing due to the people here, the teachers are amazing at teaching, really kind but strict when needed. The children are very loving and are all friends. We all get lots of privileges, as head boy you sometimes show people round the school, help with jobs and wear a badge that say head boy.