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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Years 3 & 4

Welcome to the new school year, I am so excited for the learning journey ahead of us.

Stones and bones

In year 3 and 4 our topic for Autumn term is stones and bones, we are focusing on the prehistoric period from the Stone Age to Iron Age. Here are some of the activities we have been getting up to!

Friday 1st October

We have had a lot of fun this afternoon being gatherers in the Stone Age, we have gathered lots of nettles, berries and nuts to cook for our dinner tonight.


Tuesday 5th October

We have created Stone Henge silhouettes in art today.



Friday 15th October

This afternoon in year 3 and 4 we were working on group projects focusing on black history month, researching Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole!


Monday 18th October

We were very lucky to have a fossil workshop in the year 3 and 4 class this afternoon! As you can see some of the children were very impressed, they have been left with very shocked and amazed faces!


Tuesday 19th October

We are attempting to make Stone Age jewellery in art and design today!


Wednesday 3rd November

We have been extremely lucky in year 3/4 this afternoon, we have had the school of kindness in to see us led by the fantastic Greig Trout! Smiles and kindness all around today! ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, Thank you Greig and Inspire+.


´Important information to remember for this year:
´PE days are every Monday and Thursday.
´Homework will be given to children on a Tuesday and it is expected to be completed and handed back in on the following Monday.
´Children need to bring in their own water bottles.
´Children will be provided with a stationary pack.
´Children will be inspired to love learning, to feel happy, safe and calm in the school and class environment.
Please see the attachment below to find out what we will be covering this Autumn term.

Science home learning ideas

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