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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Years 3 & 4

Welcome to the 3/4 class pages!

The Christmas holiday already seems a long time ago and Years 3 and 4 are working hard and enjoying their learning in all the different subjects.

This Spring term our main focus is Newton (forces and light) we will be covering:

English: Focusing on the James and Giant Peach we will be discussing and exploring dialogue, script character writing, persuasive text and information. 

Maths: We will center our learning on Multiplication and division, fractions and decimals.

Religious Education: Our emphasis during RE will be exploring creation, linked in with our main topics including gravity, light and right and wrong.  

Science: Children will be looking into forces and magnets and focusing around the main topic of forces. Activities will include measuring forces, forces affecting movement and magnetic experiments.

History: Our focus in history this term will be covering and investigation Sir Isaac Newton- We will be looking into his scientific experiments and his life growing up within Grantham.

Geography: This term we will be discovering Countries of the United Kingdom, this will also include a focus around Lincoln and Lincolnshire. 

Art: Interlinked with our main topic of gravity we will be looking into paintings and how we can use paint in different ways including James Pollock- swing art.

Music: Children this term will be re-introduced to percussion music, we will be focusing on tempo and beats to listen for and produce.

Computing: Computing is another subject interlinked with our main topic of forces and instructions, focusing on the ICT scheme of Scratch.

PSHE: In PSHE this term we will be looking into the effects and demonstrations of mental health and well being in everyone.


•Homework is to be given to the children every Wednesday and to be brought back completed to school on the following Monday. Homework allows children to re-visit past and present work and topics that we have focused on or currently investigating.

Bizzikid: This site has child-friendly links for all major subjects, as well as games, jokes and an online club. Kids will like the website’s friendly character who guides them through every step, and parents’ questions are covered in the ‘Grown Ups’ section.

BBC Primary School: The BBC's primary school site breaks down the curriculum by topic and offers a variety of different ways to learn.

Homework Elephant: An impressive resource for every subject and assignment your child is likely to face (if only this existed when we were at school!). Children can search by subject or leave a question for the ‘Agony Elephant’ to answer later. The homework hints and tips are particularly useful (they can’t guarantee your children will listen, but there is some good advice).

Natural History Museum: Most major museums have children sections on their websites, and this is one of the most interactive. Games and fact files are linked with the current exhibitions, and children can take a virtual visit to the museum via the ‘Antcam’ and intriguing ‘Flesh eating beetlecam’.

NASA For Kids: Space buffs will love the NASA website. There is information for children of all ages, with footage from Mars and the International Space Station, interviews with astronauts and news on the latest launches. There are also games and craft activities for younger children.

Reading books:

•This term we have introduced to the children having two reading books, this is to ensure that reading is both for intellectual and social benefit. We have explained to the children that one reading book is for their academic and intellectual support, this is to push and extend their reading abilities to provide the best possible outcome for their reading ability and age. The second book is to allow children to choose a book of their choice, this is a book to enjoy and have pleasure in reading, this can be both at home and in school time. We have started this to promote the love of reading and to encourage reading across the whole school. 

Quotes from the children in Year 3 and 4:

How would you describe your learning experience in the classroom? What do you enjoy the most?

Year 3:

“My learning is great, I love Maths and English because I like doing sums and writing about the books we are learning, especially James and the giant Peach! I love that the peach is giant, I’d want to bite it if I was James because they are so nice and juicy!”

Year 3:

“I like dividing 2 digits by 1 digit numbers in maths, maths is definitely my favourite subject I really like being given the cold tasks to challenge my learning! I really like the order we do the lessons in the class and I like being with my teacher and friends on my table.”

Year 4:

“I like learning here because I get to do lots of fun learning activities with my favourite teacher! I really love learning about History because I want to become an archaeologist, I liked learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age, this was because we got to learn about Otto who was one of the first to create communities and houses.”

Year 4:

“Maths! Because I love being quizzed in maths, I just love it! My favourite is all of it, I cant choose just one. I also love being in this classroom because we have such a nice teacher and some brilliant friends.”