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Great Ponton Primary School

Great Ponton
Primary School

Years 5 & 6

Spring Term

Dear parents,

As we look ahead to the end of this term and the term ahead there are a few things to draw your attention to…


We aim to make this whole experience as positive as possible for the children. The scores however are very important, secondary schools take an average of the maths and reading score as a baseline for setting and to make predictions for GCSE results. Pupils in year 6 have been given extra homework recently and it is expected that pupils complete this to the best of their ability and bring the work in the following week.  Please feel free to go through the work with your children, it is good for you to be aware of will be sitting. The tests begin week commencing 14th May.  As is our custom we will be providing pupils with a hearty breakfast each morning and will be celebrating the end of the tests with a tea party.


Some children in year 5 have begun preparations for 11+.  Again, it is important that pupils complete the extra homework that has been set.  There is a lot of material to get through.  Tests are sat at the end of September.  Please ensure that you have returned the relevant forms to either Kings or KGGS.

Secondary School Placements

Last week, the year 6 pupils, were offered placements at their future schools and now moving on feels very real. It is now the turn of the year 5 pupils to make some plans. Open days will be held during June for year 5 pupils. It is a good idea to look around all the schools on these days but also visit when the school is operating as normal. I am always available to help chat through any concerns you have.  This is a very important decision and it is not made easier by many schools being oversubscribed.


We have changed the way we teach reading this term and it has proved to be so successful that we intend to continue this into next term. The whole class have been reading the first Harry Potter book and we have all enjoyed it enormously.  Next term we are travelling to Narnia and the book we are reading will be ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. We will also be catching up with Harry Potter and reading ‘The Chamber of Secrets’.

 Presently, children share a copy of the book which can be quite tricky.  It would greatly benefit the children if they could have a copy each. If parents are willing to purchase a copy of both books for their child it would make things easier in the classroom and children can make notes in their books as they read. They can also take the books home and read allocated pages.

Harry Potter World

To confirm Harry Potter World has now been booked for June 15th. We managed to negotiate a 1.30 slot so do not envisage being back too late.  More details on arrangements will follow.  Just as a warning the shop at Warner Bros. studios is very expensive, so if the children wish to buy anything they will need to start saving their pocket money now or do lots of chores at home!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our traditional egg hunt will take place at the end of term. Year 6 pupils are asked to bring in as many small eggs as possible to help fund this.  All proceeds go towards the London trip. Any donated eggs will be exchanged for Knuts, Galleons and Sickles.

London trip

Train tickets and theatre tickets, for Matilda,  have now been purchased for our trip to London on Wednesday 11th July. We have raised nearly £400 so far and hope to raise the remaining money through the egg hunt and the Summer BBQ.  A big thank you to all those children who have saved 20p is their smartie tubes this has made a huge difference to funds.

Well I think that is about it for now.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Kind regards

Mrs J Oliver


Autumn Term


Welcome to our class page. Although this is a relatively short term it is still action packed, we have many new skills to learn and the year 6 pupils will begin their preparations for SATs.


Our topic this term is Mountains.  In this topic, we will look at the location of mountains, as well as types of mountains and how they are formed.

In Literacy we will be looking at Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, through this topic we will be visiting various writing techniques such as diaries, letters and descriptive writing.

Our Maths focus this term will be multiplication, division, time, area and perimeter, volume and percentages.

In R.E we will be looking at Buddhism; the life of Buddha and how followers today outwork their faith.


Homework will be given out on Tuesdays and needs to be given in on the following Monday. This term pupils will be given spellings, which will be tested on Mondays, and a short research project. Year 6 pupils will be given extra SATs homework in preparation for the tests in May. In addition to this pupils are expected to read at home at least 4 times per week, this does not necessarily be to an adult, pupils will be encouraged to read challenging books to help develop comprehension skills and broaden vocabulary.


Please note Year 6 pupils will not be swimming this term.

We will begin our fundraising again for our London trip. So far we have raise £150! This term we will be having a movie night, cake/toy sale and Easter Egg Hunt. Please keep filling those smartie tubes guys- every little helps.

Year 5 & 6 revision pack

Image result for NEW! 2018 KS2 SATs Revision Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths Organiser

Please click on the attachment below to open up a wealth of revision aids.